7. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

By now, I feel like a billion people have written reviews of this book, and like I’m just kind of throwing mine on top of the pile. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed readingThe Sisters Brothers, and would definitely recommend it. It’s a light read, western inspired, and I honestly felt like I was reading a movie. I could see the images so clearly and vividly, and while I don’t normally read western novels, (or really watch westerns either) I loved the gritty, dark feel of it.

Eli and Charlie Sisters are two ruthless and coldblooded henchmen working for a gangster named the Commodore. Eli is the narrator of the book, which I think works out pretty well, since he is somewhat less heartless and creepy than his brother is. These guys aren’t like the heroes of western movies, they’re much harder, darker, and don’t have a moral code that many could identify with. The story is set somewhere around 1849 during the California gold rush, and DeWitt’s descriptions of San Francisco are amazing- so different from the city I know today. I’ve heard about SF’s lawless and depraved past, but DeWitt makes the history come to life. I don’t know how much (if any) research he did on the era before writing the book, but his depiction of the rough western frontier in the middle of the 19th century is spot on (from what I know).

It’s a truly gripping story, and very quick paced, centered around a hunt for a man the Commodore wants the brothers to kill. Although the story meanders some along the way, it doesn’t feel forced, and the short chapters keep it flowing. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the story would adapt perfectly to the screen – although the violence and bleak sensibility combined with the terrible attitude towards women (mainly prostitutes, though) might turn me off more in a visual medium.



~ by lefaquin on February 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “7. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt”

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  2. This has been on my To Be Read list for ages. I need to bump it to the top!

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